We partner with some of the leading services helping young people get ready for the work place. These courses are often highly effective in preparing a young person for work but sometimes lack sufficient employer support. We aim to help employers to engage with young people early,  building interest in their industry and company. 

THRIVE provides:

  • On site engagement days, this can be tailored to any individual company 
  • Staff volunteering, your staff can actively support young people as they complete their programmes. Practical, up-to-date support is highly valuable for prospective job-seekers
  • Industry wide events, join other employers in the community to run industry events and insight days



Use the community to promote your business and look to future proof your workforce by highlighting upcoming needs to colleges, employment programmes and youth charities. Continually shape these programmes to provide the best possible foundation for a young person to launch a career in your business.

THRIVE provides:

  • Creative ways to promote your business and industry directly to young people
  • Assistance in setting up insight weeks/ months and work experience days
  • Your company can input into all material produced by THRIVE in Work to ensure young people are fully prepared before applying for a role with you



THRIVE in Work is all about helping young people to explore and ultimately be employed in the industry that excites them. We know that there is hidden talent everywhere and we want connect them with great career opportunities. Our vital business community is made up of leading businesses whose ultimate aim is to employ more young people and create greater diversity in their workforce.

THRIVE provides: 

  • Increase your workforce diversity,  find motivated young people from a range of backgrounds keen to find a career in your industry
  • Creative solutions to assessing your candidates to make the hiring process more engaging and enjoyable for both young person and employer
  • Direct access to young people coming through a range of courses/ programmes in your local area Ongoing support through the interview and offer process